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Clogs and Leaks

Clogs and Leaks

As homeowners, we have a variety of appliances that can get damaged over time and result in clogs and leaks. If not dealt with immediately, blockage and wet floors are not the only issues you will be dealing with. Before clogs and leaks get out of hand, you can contact your local plumber to perform regular inspections to make sure that these problems are as avoidable as possible.


While a toilet can get blockage from foreign objects being flushed down the drain, and a sink can deal with all sorts of greasy and gritty foods that cause a lot of clogging issues, another appliance that can clog easily is the dishwasher. A lot of homes, especially in this day and age, use a dishwasher to take care of large loads of dishes. It helps take care of dishes that would otherwise require a lot of laborious scrubbing as well as take time off your busy schedule. At the end of the day, dishwashers play a very key role in our day-to-day life and are essential to a clean and efficiently run household.


Different parts of your dishwasher, though, can clog for different reasons. For the most part, the components that are to blame for clogging are often the filter basket, the drain hose, garbage disposal, and the sewer lines. In order to avoid the filter basket, for example, clogging, it should be cleaned regularly. That way food particles that are collected there won’t accumulate over time.


Incidentally, the drain hoses also accumulate grease and muck that can also lead to backups. But the dishwasher’s drain hose isn’t something one can easily reach and clean thoroughly themselves. It’s almost always best to contact clogs and leaks specialists to handle this for you. They will also know how to look out for the symptoms of these problems and/or how to avoid them. For example, while performing an inspection on your home, they can listen out for any gurgling or thumping noises while the machine is on which could signify to them that water is trying to push through the clog.


Clogs can also back up into the sink, which is sometimes a clear indication of clogging, which could also mean that your local plumber may want to look at other components that are connected, such as your garbage disposal. Don’t let clogs and leaks take control over your home. Call a reliable plumber such as Sunshine Plumbing at 954-476-1695 to get a free estimate today.

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