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Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak Detection

The common person might not be able to catch a Slab Leak Detection in time to avoid catastrophic water damage or other plumbing problems that could arise from leaks. A slab leak often means there’s a leak occurring in the piping that runs beneath the concrete foundation of your home. They can easily go undetected and create major water damage or even cause your entire home’s foundation to collapse, which is why they can be very dangerous if you don’t call a  professional at the first sign you see.


When it comes to slab leak detection, there are some signs you can look out for. There might be a spike in your water bill or a moving water meter when you aren’t actively using the pipes. You should also watch for unusually low water pressure, new cracks in your walls or baseboards, or standing water around the outside perimeter of your home.


Some of the most common causes of slab leaks include natural causes as well as man-made causes. If there was the possibility of poor installation of the pipes when your home was built or if the pipes were installed in a place that didn’t give enough room needed to naturally expand and contract, they could wear down, and this deterioration could cause a slab leak.


Some natural causes for slab leaks include ground or foundation shifts, which will cause pressure in your pipes. Underground pipes will likely come into contact with soil or other natural materials that can cause them to corrode over time. This is why regular maintenance from a professional plumber is a great way to detect some of these plumbing issues that are hard to catch. After all, sometimes when you hear or smell a sign that there may be a leak, it might even be too late to save yourself from water damage.


Sunshine Plumbing is a leading Slab Leak Detection specialist and plumber that can help with slab leaks, toiler repair and installation, water heaters, drain cleaning, faucet installations, and any other general plumbing problems. Our technicians are well-trained, professional, and non-intrusive. Before dealing with problems on your own time, be sure to contact a professional. And if we think repairing something might not be cost-effective enough, we will suggest a new unit installation. Our plumbing professionals are there to give you all your options to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Call Sunshine Plumbing at 954-476-1695 for a free estimate on slab leak detection today.

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