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Slab leak detection and repair

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab leak detection and repair is something that absolutely must be handled by a professional, like Sunshine Plumbing of South Florida.

Slab leaks are no joke and can result in situations that can occur within a home resulting in catastrophic damages. This is especially true of the slab leak detection and repair is left without doing for a long time. Sunshine Plumbing of South Florida is a professional plumber who has been operating in the Broward area for many years now. We are the trained professionals and can absolutely help you when it comes to detecting, and repairing these awful slab leaks. If you’re here, you may already know you have a slab leak and need assistance, but what if you are totally unsure? These kinds of leaks cause damage directly to the foundation of your home or property, due to plumbing that runs directly underneath this foundation becoming damaged and itself having a leak or leaks. Read on to see what signs to look out for, but if any of this sticks out to you, don’t hesitate to call. It could be the difference between having a home and not.

Underground pipes can sometimes spring a leak, and when they do the sewage water within them begins to seep into the ground below your property’s foundation. In milder cases, you may get some foul odors that are hard to explain and some mild visual signs. However, without repair and left alone this problem can expand in magnitude to frightening proportions. The soil and foundation beneath the home can become unstable causing floors, and walls to crack, buckle, or lose their stability. Water can visibly seep through into the home causing mild to serious flooding, and in the worse slab leak cases, entire sections of homes have collapsed into the ground.

Sunshine Plumbing knows how to deal with these potentially devastating leak issues, after all, we’re the professional Broward county plumbing solution! If you suspect you might be dealing with a slab leak, don’t hesitate to call us today. Our professional plumbers will be able to detect and help manage the slab leak so that your home does not have to suffer the fate others have succumbed to these dangerous leaks. The best way to handle these situations is through a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan that our plumbers can help determine for you. If you’re in need of services with this kind of leak, do not hesitate as time is of the essence. Please Call Sunshine Plumbing of South Florida today, to speak with a friendly representative and have our staff come out to give you a free estimate.


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